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Who we are

We are a couple of individuals, travelers, independent of any organization or trading company. We rent only one apartment, the one called the Esplanade.

A traveling couple

jmf-1-2014mWith us, everything is clear. As travelers, we know what we expect from accommodation, depending on the rate paid. We do not have the same requirement of a hotel at 300 € per night as an individual who rents a room at 50 €.
We know that comfort and services will be different.

Nevertheless, we strive to make the maximum, both in terms of hospitality and on-site comfort and services rendered.

We do not live in Nice but are based in the area. On the other hand, you will always be welcomed by one of our Nice friends, who will be able to advise you.

Our advantages

We adapt to your requests

Besides traveling and knowing what to expect from a rental, the advantage with us is that as an individual we can adapt to your requests. To a point, of course.

Our difficulties in performing miracles

We try every now and then to work miracles, but as much to say humbly, we can not do it ;-). Also, be sure that we will achieve the maximum but no more.