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Location Where we are in Nice

Location : Where we are in Nice

Nice is a city of 340,000 inhabitants and an area of 72km². Not easy to be in the center and within walking distance of everything … except our apartment with the Esplanade.

We are very close to Acropolis and the Nice Exhibition Center Palais des expositions

300m from Acropolis
120m from Palais des expositions

Nice airport and railway station

  • 30mn only from the airport of Nice by public transport (The stop of tram line 2 Garibaldi, from the airport, is 10 minutes walk. Tram stop line 1 Palais des expositions, from the railway station or Garibaldi, at the foot of the building)
  • 12mn from the train station of Nice by the tram.

Our apartment for rent is ideally located in the city center, just 30 minutes away of the most distant locations by walking. Moreover, it is slightly away from the noisy and overcrowded.
It is located in the district Riquier, an area frequented by Nice families, tourists and conventioneers and exhibitors of the very close Acropolis. In short, a wide range of population, which is why the shops are also many, living and diverse.

Riquier district is not these tourist areas where you find it easier to buy a Dior dress than apples.

The street Thaon Revel (an old family of Nice nobility of the fifteenth to the twentieth century) is located close to the Acropolis, the Palace of Congresses and Exhibitions.
You cross the square of the Army of the Rhine, with palm trees despite its name and you’re there. On foot, you will need 5 minutes if you stop to get a drink on the way.

5 to 10 minutes walk from the Esplanade, our location in Nice

Port of Nice

You are 10 minutes walk from the port of Nice. A small marina and fishing.
By the way, do you know the « pointus », the sharp ? These are typical fishing boats south-eastern France, Marseille and Nice. A boat so named because the bow and stern were pretty near as sharp as one another.

Old Nice

You are also 10 minutes away from Old Nice by walking. A typical village of the French Riviera, lively streets, colorful houses, projection components, commonly referred Italian (as in our apartment for that matter). In short, a pedestrian city heart that warms the heart and quality shops.
Visit the flower market where one that does not sell flowers, far from it, but many local products. I would strongly advise you to let you go to taste niçoise cooking and local products.

Train station Nice Riquier

Nice Riquier station welcomes TER Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur. Direct and easy connections to Saint Raphael, Grasse, Cannes-La-Bocca, Menton, Ventimiglia, etc.
Not the Centrale station.

20-30mn walk from the Esplanade, our location in Nice

Promenade des Anglais

On the other side of the Old Town lies the Promenade des Anglais, famous avenue planted with palm trees, along the Mediterranean Sea over 6km. This is where you discover the most beautiful palace in Nice, as Le Royal, the Negresco, the villa Furtado-Heine, the Villa Massena. Mind you, you have nothing to envy. Our apartment is part of a Nice palace, the palace of the esplanade.

« La Prom » as we say in Nice, is 20-30 minutes away by walking from the apartment and 10 minutes by streetcar.

Matisse Museum

The Matisse Museum is 20-30 minutes away by walking and roughly the same by streetcar.

Chagall Museum

The Chagall Museum is 20 minutes away by streetcar and 20-30 minutes away by walking.

Local shops around the Esplanade, our location in Nice

The apartment for rent in Nice is surrounded by local shops.
You have 3 stores of fruits and vegetables + bakery, many restaurants. Near the convention center and exhibition compels, l’Acropolis, you will find a sandwich shop as well as gourmet restaurants, through cheap restaurants in the family kitchen, hearty and full of flavor.
Nevermind the banks, florists and other shops.

You also have a Carrefour shopping center nearby. Let’s say, 5 minutes walk to the Carrefour TNL, General Delfino Boulevard. 60 shops in addition to the hypermarket: Jacqueline Riu, Camaieu, Micromania, Promod, Celio, and I’ll spare you the MacDonalds.

Our DIY pals will find a Bricomarché hardly further. You never know, a multi-clip taken might still be useful 😉